My style is contemporary, artistic, and photojournalist. I'm moved by shadows, good composition, sunflare, indirect light, action, movement, shape, and expression. Since 2002, I've allowed each event to push my vision further and try something new.

I know that my clients are all unique and I make it my goal to get to know what makes them click. I will want to know how you met, where you got engaged, what makes you smile, and what inspires you; as it's my clients stories that inspire my images.

More important than my approach are the words my clients have shared with me after
their weddings...

"You made me look as amazing as how I felt that day"

"Short of choosing the man I was to marry, you were the second best decision
I made for my wedding"

Please browse through my images and allow the images to speak for themselves. If you feel moved, if you feel enlightened, if you feel goosebumps, drop me a line.